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"At present Muslims in the United Kingdom are promised equal rights in theory, but do not always enjoy them in practice. Wynne Chambers has been at the forefront in indicating, in as realistic and as constructive a manner as possible, where legal reform is most required."
Head of Chambers: Hajj Ahmad Thomson
Call: July 1979   Inn: Grays
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  Golden Days
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  Every one has their golden days,
        It's more than just a phrase, or phase,
  We've all tasted love in some way or other,
        More or less, from time to time.

  Perhaps they only linger in our memories now,
        Those golden days that disappeared somehow,
  Only sometimes sharply reappearing
        In the open vistas of our minds.

  Or maybe golden days are here right now,
        Swimming without effort with the tao,
  As we live our lives from moment
        To moment, from time to time.

  And sitting in the stillness of the night
        I see our life in its true light:
  There are so many ways to be in love,
        As you live your golden days.

  And as our days go gliding past
        We gently come to realise at last
  That as they left this world behind,
        We lived and loved and finally, let go

  Only to live on, in a different way,
        Beyond our deaths and judgement day,
  Some in the Garden, some in the Fire,
        Our ever lasting, dark or shining, timeless

                                                             Golden Days

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