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"Whether you divulge what is in yourselves or keep it hidden,  
Allah will still call you to account for it."  
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M H Ahmad Thomson is a public access accredited barrister and authorised to conduct litigation, subject to the barrister's Code of Conduct. My details on the Bar Standards Board register can be found here

The Bar Standards Board Public Access guidance for the public can be accessed here:

M H Ahmad Thomson is also an ADR Group accredited Civil & Commercial and Online Mediator.


Although my status as a public access accredited barrister means that I can be instructed directly by members of the public, I will if I consider it to be in the best interests of my client(s) advise when appropriate and at any stage that it will be necessary for me to be instructed by a solicitor, especially if litigation is actually or likely to be involved.

I do also accept instructions directly from solicitors.

I can be contacted via the Contact Us page on this website.

I will endeavour to provide anyone seeking my services with an assessment of what is required and an estimate of what my charges are likely to be, based on that assessment and on my hourly rates as detailed below. Where possible, I will agree a ceiling to my charges.

I do not enter into conditional fee agreements.

Where possible, I will provide a time estimate of how long my work is likely to take - although where this depends on other factors such as the time within which, for example, the Charity Commission is able to respond to an online application, or how long legal proceedings are likely to take, such time estimates will be based on a combination of past experience and prevailing circumstances.


Commercial Rate: £300 per hour plus reimbursement of any disbursements made in the course of my work.

  • Reduced Rate for Charities: £150 per hour plus reimbursement of any disbursements made in the course of my work.
  • As regards setting up a new charity the following is payable:
    An initial payment of £600 plus payment for all work done at my reduced rate for charities of £150 per hour plus reimbursement of any disbursements made in the course of my work.

Disbursements made in the course of my work include, for example, photocopying expenses and travel expenses (which usually involve the cost of petrol and accommodation for work outside London and the cost of train and plane tickets for work outside the United Kingdom). I do not charge for time spent travelling or for time spent waiting. VAT does not add value, it adds expense. I am not legally required to be registered for VAT and I do not charge VAT.


I hope that you will never need to complain, but if you do, please click on the Complaints pdf icon at the bottom of the Contact Us page on this website. This sets out our complaints procedure and includes information regarding your right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman and the time limits for making such a complaint.


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